A sweet, fuzzy, cuddly, bootylicious teddy bear.
Jeffery has a sweet booty!
by MIss Sashay February 3, 2010
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you fall in love with him and he falls in love with you too. then you both get over each other and remain best friends.
oh my god! jeffery is so cute!
by im_a_person_who_exists_989 December 9, 2019
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kind hearted spirit, who cares about all.
jeffery is someone thats sets something aside in order to help a friend.
girl: my boyfriend wrote me a poem, and it made me cry...
girl 2: aww... girl you got yourself a jeffery
by idk dunno know February 3, 2010
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the one guy that always says "ewwwww ur so weird!!!"
-likes to piss in showers, pools, ect.
-a drug
Bro, ur such a Jeffery, get away from me!
by eeeeeee123e12e134 March 2, 2022
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A handsome sweet pisces guy whose smile will make you melt.He has a great body with incredible abs and eyes you could get lost in.He is sensitive attimes and makes a great boyfriend.He is simply amazing.
Gosh...I'm so crushing on Jeffery.I want to date him.
by Desert Flame December 9, 2019
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A 'jeffery' may refer to an act of stealing in which item(s) are taken without any immediate intention to return them.

'Jeffery' may also refer to a lack of funds (i.e, being poor).
'Bro can I jeffery a cigarette?'

'I'm going to need to jeffery that bus ticket'

Friend: 'Can you come to the club tonight bro?'
Me: 'Unfortunately not, my wallet is looking jeffery.'
by uoaq August 16, 2018
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a drug cocktail in joint form consisting of, weed, angel dust, E, clorox, cocaine, and a few other choice ingredients.
dude 1:here have some of this jeffery man
Dude 2: ok, *cough cough*

dude 1:i think im having a heart attack!
dude 2:you need to calm down! here touch this furry wall.
dude 3: hahaha thats the thing about a jeffery, it goes away....then it comes BACK AGAIN BWAHAHAHAH.
by turok the awsome June 15, 2010
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