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Marilyn Monroeing is when you use a leaf blower to blow air up a lady’s skirt, or a Scottish/Irish man’s Kilt (if that's what you're into), making them look like Marilyn Monroe in the famous scene from "The Seven Year Itch". The context in which you do this will affect the outcome, for example if you do it to a lady who you half know, in front of your friends, you'll see some bum and everyone will think you're a legend. But if you do it at work to a stranger, you'll end up losing your job, getting kicked in the testicles, getting a black eye and in court charged with sexual harassment.
Come to my party tonight boys, Bring some bitchez, I've got my Leaf blower out and I'm gonna be Marilyn Monroeing ALLLLL NIGHT!
by Badideaman September 23, 2013
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