A housewife that lives in the state house,she does not pay tax and is usaully seen at charity events having free meals.
The first lady was seen at Donate a child.., fundraising event having free meals like always.
by Maitumelo September 28, 2007
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A white girl with a body that resembles a black girls features which attracts the typical hollister-wearing oreo black guy.
Damn Kennedy look at that first lady over there she got a lil booty on her.
by Kennedy a.k.a Presidential November 21, 2007
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A hot chick with gorgeous friends all titled "first ladies". Can be spotted in every club from jersey to manhatten, long island and the hamptons. You will always see them in vip. You might feel slighty intimated by these girls because there so fly. Jealous ones will envy, and they do. People try to be them but no girl will ever come close to a true lable first ladie.

gorgeous,pretty, envyed,hot,sexy
You will never get with a first ladie.
Damn shes hot, must be a first ladie.
Yo, hook me up with a first ladie.
by firstladiestatus August 2, 2006
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the hottest fucking bitches around,
and you wanna bang every one of them.
usually found at clubs and parties all over long island, to nyc, to jersey. they run shit.
"that girl is so fucking gorgeous. she must be in the first ladies."
by i <3 first ladies April 9, 2006
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To obtain oracle sex from your girl while she was minding her business on the toilet.
When I noticed that my prod lined up with her mouth as she sat on the pot, she soon after became the First Lady.
by hungo August 20, 2008
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A title referring to media personality, sexpert and sex educator Lola Bastinado, bestowed upon her by underground Gotham, acknowledging the great respect for her status among the adult alternative lifestyles.
The prestigious Sybarite Awards is produced by the First Lady Of Lifestyle, Lola Bastinado.
The First Lady Of Lifestyle, Lola Bastinado can be seen on Playboy TV
by ChrisJennings May 13, 2015
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