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The most amazingly beautiful woman anyone will ever meet. She has the most lovely eyes, her hair is like silk. Her smile is that of an angel. Men and women would walk for years just for a glimpse of this sultry Spanish/Filipino beauty.
I wuv Marifer.
by Andy the Man February 04, 2010
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A mean terrible girl who hates everyone that's prettier and nicer then her and if she gets jealous of you she'll call you a ugly hoe and she try's to make you hate who you are and spreads secrets about you that aren't true, when she's bored she try's to cause drama and make people feel bad for no reason at all she try's to be the popular pretty sweet, nice girl and wants no one else above her but she will never be nice and she wants the worst for everyone and makes sure to make you want to beat her up.
Girl 1: who's she she seems nice

Girl 2:she's marifer and she's NOT nice

Girl 2:oh how come?

Girl 1: because if marifer thinks someone is better then her she will make sure you will feel terrible
by Kimmy247 July 14, 2018
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A horrible mother who has done child abuse to her daughter for 12 years, been in multiple Relationships for money because she is a gold digger, she will back stab you and will lie about everything.
Marifer is a horrible mum.
by Trashpotato10 August 21, 2018
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