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Nice, hot, funny, and intelligent. Marelis is sometimes insecure and doesn’t like taking pictures but everyone knows she’s extremely hot. If you ever dated a Marelis you would be extremely lucky!
Boy- I can’t believe you dating Marelis! Man you so lucky!
Boy 2- I know right! She’s so hot and knows what she’s doing!
by Hottie1591 June 09, 2018
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Mareli is a short sweet girl amd you would be lucky to have her in your life.
She is short tampered but she is still amazing
I met Mareli and I really love her
by Babbelas May 29, 2018
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A Dutch name referring to a small person with extreme bad body odour or a deadly case of halitosis.
Instead of saying “oh what’s that horrifying smell?” one can say “is there a Mareli somewhere near here?”
by zoosker November 16, 2010
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