A pattern of semen deposited on the body (especially a featureless, fairly flat part of the body, like the back or stomach) of a sex partner. Named because the drops of semen appear in a chain like the Hawaiian islands.
After I got done plowing your mother in the ass, I was ready to cum, so I pulled my dick out and gave her a map of Hawaii on her back.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 7, 2003
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Male ejaculate resting on a female's skin.

The key is to have it all in one general area but still separate so that the different droplets form what appears to be an archipelago.

Often done on the back of a girl after doggy-style intercourse. A flat surface is needed so the face and tits are often not good places to try this. Unless of course, you can fit it all on one cheek.
Man, that girl is sickly hot, I'd like to draw a map of Hawaii on her back.
by Radie July 21, 2008
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map of Hawaii refers to the random pattern of the male ejaculation fluid upon the torso of the recipient
Dude, I pulled out and left a Map of Hawaii all over her chest
by zachary krone November 1, 2007
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Typical pattern of seminal fluid when flung onto the back, stomach, breasts, neck of face of your partner.
She had that cumsparkle in her eyes, so I pulled out of her mouth and left the Map of Hawaii under her right eye.
by Bo Dizzle May 7, 2004
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