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Providing an explanation that defies logic.
Why are we in Iraq?

Saddam was involved in 9/11. Well, not really, but he could have been and maybe wanted to be but he didn't like Osama bin Laden. But the point is, he could have been and that's George Bush Logic.
by Bo Dizzle August 29, 2006

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A very large forehead - 25% larger in fact.
The sun is just beating down on my five head today.

Maybe you should get some Rogaine next time you're getting your Viagara old man.
by Bo Dizzle May 05, 2004

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(adj.) to describe a good, hard fuck or when you're getting that last inch in before you dump the skeet
I bent her over the desk and went ball deep in her ass.
by Bo Dizzle April 30, 2004

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1. The smile of a small child when they are given a popsicle for no reason.

2. Smiling because you know you're about to get into trouble.
Dan said I had a popsicle face when the copier sales girl was flirting with me.
by Bo Dizzle August 17, 2007

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An underfunded or unfunded initiative or program set forth by the current bush administration where the recipients would be better off praying for results than to expect them to come from the program.
The bush administration announced their new faith-based initiative, a health insurance program - where participants are to pray to God they don't get sick.
by Bo Dizzle August 30, 2006

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From the 1930's - someone who smokes weed - a tea bandit
That fucking viper smoked my whole stash. Are you tellin' me Wayne Brady's gonna have to choke the bitch.
by Bo Dizzle May 13, 2004

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Typical pattern of seminal fluid when flung onto the back, stomach, breasts, neck of face of your partner.
She had that cumsparkle in her eyes, so I pulled out of her mouth and left the Map of Hawaii under her right eye.
by Bo Dizzle May 07, 2004

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