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An exceptionaly manly sandwhich.
Guy 1: Ok, I'll have a footlong, on italian bread, with ham, pastrami, salami, extra roast beef, black forest ham as well, chicken breast, hot sauce, and the rest of your turkey.
Sandwhich guy: WOW! That's one hearty manwhich.
by Choueke April 11, 2007
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A female with strong masculine qualities. Including but not limitied too: Dykes, emo chicks, chicks with short hair, fat chicks, buff chicks, and just straight out manly chicks.
"Dude, check out that emo bitch that looks like a dude!"
"Dude, that's a manwhich!"
by The Billster May 22, 2006
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When two men surround a unsuspecting woman and proceed to dance against her in a suggestive manner. It's not meant to intimate a woman, rather complement her while drawing attention to the fact that she is single and/or alone. Usually practiced in bars and wedding receptions.
The bride to be in that bachelorette party needs a manwhich asap!
by John Pezz November 20, 2007
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When a woman is sandwhiched between two aroused hot and sweaty men. One penetrates vaginaly whilst the other one prefers anal penetration.
What I would give for a manwhich right now.....
by Matt Stembridge October 21, 2003
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3 men 1 fun time =D

three men line up one behind one another and have there way with each other in a thrusting action, or similar depending on the mood of the evening.

its camberley, late night, who fancies a man-which?

mallinson one and a half, josch & mitchell enjoi the ocasinoal man-which
by Gorham! xox October 20, 2007
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Denotes a situation in which a girl is cheating on her boyfriend with another guy. Origins in the words "which man" but also between two pieces of bread as in sandwich.
Lauren's been cheating on Alex with Bobby. She's gotten herself into a real manwhich.
by LaureC November 22, 2007
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An ugly person or a person who cross dresses but looks like the sex that they really are.
Mandy dresses likea man... then a very straight guy tries to pick her up...mandy is a manwhich
by purt March 08, 2006
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