The technical name in Latin for a 'Fanny Fart', 'Vart' or 'Queef'.
"I was engaging in copulation the night previously, when my dearest partner of my non-marital relationship released an expulsion of air, a Flatus Vaginalis my dear boy, from her Vulva."
by nathanjhunt August 30, 2011
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The layer of tissue that proctects your nuts frum getting hit.
Hey man I got hit in the balls today, but luckily my tunica vaginalis protected them.
by jayyyyyyyyy August 23, 2008
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the act of giving birth through the vagina and not through a c- section
doctor: we think you can deliver the baby vaginaly

mother: so that means no c-section YAY!!
by February 20, 2017
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