Mouth/Anus of Cnidarians and other animals that have one opening for the mouth and anus
This jellyfish has a manus, a mouth and anus for the same hole.
by Wisewordsofjessie February 19, 2014
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1) The action of inserting ones penis into another mans anus. syn: coitus homosexual,
2) to vomit whilst performing oral sex

Manu is Short for Emmanuel
I had way to much to drink, anyway i went down on him and i MAnu'ed All over him
by DR. Xavios April 14, 2003
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1. Manu was a shitty old dude who lived in India and wrote absolutely shitty rules which doomed Indians for two millennia. His rules were like Women doesn't deserve freedom, slavery is good.. Very bad racist gay.

2. One who will market himself as a brand but doesn't have self respect at the same time.

3. Usually a pervert
via giphy
by Fuckabuzz April 25, 2019
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the deadliest combo, a mouth and an anus, so whatever you eat tastes like shit, and when you shit you taste it...
man that dude has the gnarliest manus!
by anal_bestialiy_lover April 08, 2009
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The Gastrovascular cavity. It is used in animals like Sea Anemones. The Gastrovascular cavity acts as a mouth AND an anus. Combination of the words is Manus
Sea Anemones have a manus
by Mrs.Rouch haha May 12, 2010
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A Manus is someone that you see and you can't help but bring up in conversation. He's that one legendary guy that shat his pants in class. When you see the most charismatic, various, and coolest shit, You have found yourself a Manus
Ex. Yo my friend just rides around in a golf cart getting his dick sucked by his neighborhood thots, What a fucking Manus
Ex. Emma, you see that Manus over there, he is literally shitting off the roof of the elementary school.
by laflarb November 11, 2018
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Man john is such a Manu. Looking at you Manu ya I know your reading this
by Manu fanboy aka Ryan July 11, 2017
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