Pronounced manoose; anal cavity of a man, often used when taunting men about their sexual orientacion.
You must love tight manus!
by manushole13 March 21, 2008
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A shortened name for Manuel.

Famous RS player that used to crash every war. No honor legend.
Manu crashed DF for their last rune sets.
Manu tanked 399 opts of DI in p2p.
by Manu` June 26, 2009
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On a mare, the hair that covers the anal and equinal regions
In order to prevent birthing complications when delivering the colts, it was necessary for the veterinarian to remove the part of the manus covering the equina.
by MegnKen April 12, 2010
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A multi-purpose orifice that both consumes food and excretes waste. A combination of a mouth and anus into one disgustingly efficient location for input and output. Pronunciation: /meΙͺn-ΛˆΙ™s/
"That jellyfish eats and poops out of the same manus! Nature is so metal."
"All Donald Trump does is talk useless shit. His mouth is such a manus."
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by Team Manus August 24, 2020
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