This Manu you speak of is a little fuck boy who loves to Watch it rather than take it he likes to hang with Angus and his mob
"You act like a Manu
by LIl Gansta OG May 16, 2016
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Short for Manchester United, which means, for a man who has sojourned long, and endured much, even to be thought to be a Manchester, to be finally united with his muse.
-- So, after being mistakenly thought to be all about the carbon cockprint, he endured being a Manchester.

-- Yeah, and now that he'll hook-up with his muse he'll be a Man-U.
by sukadog April 22, 2011
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The best looking guy around. Shy at some times but his stunning looks make up for it. Spends most his time in the gym and playing sports often has a very ripped body
Wow look at your abs your like a manus
by Galway banter January 15, 2020
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Cool person funny has a great personality and common name in South Africa COOL DUD
Manu "Can I have a penny?"
by Kith Sula October 29, 2017
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Manu is a complicated girl. She has a large circle of friends but doesn’t always hang out with the same group every time. She is a social butterfly and can fit in with anyone. Manu is sweet, funny and easygoing but at times can be your worst enemy. She has horrible mood swings.

Manu is usually beautiful but in certain cases can be unpleasant to look at. She will always be a good listener so don’t let go of her.
yo ashley really pulled a Manu last night at the party with all those people
by maddie4u October 23, 2019
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