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Yet another term used to refer to the male reproductive seed. This, taken as whole with the body of other slang terms, underlines a trend of certain words relating sex with food.
Man: "I would really love to manice your upside-down cake..."
Woman: "Ooo, I wanna try some manicing!"
by Greyson March 19, 2008
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Extra Heavy Sugar Packed frosting for cakes and pies.
The guys wanted a red velvet cake with man icing, not with that boring "light" chick icing.
by Itsy Bitsy Spider September 22, 2006
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Manicing- when you are radically cycling from “I don’t care about anything sadness”. Then cycling to it’s opposite of being uncharacteristically or overly happy and excited.
Upon meeting your mom at the restaurant. You ask her to be gentle with you, you’ve been manicing really hard the last few days.
by Fazzel151 July 28, 2018
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