Someone who is British Pakistani/Indian and is very obsessed in their culture in a sad way, they usually have a very freshie accent. Similar words include freshie, tep.
Person 1: This guy eats curry for breakfast.

Person 2: Yeah, he's such a 'mango'.
by Ogggggggggggggggggg December 10, 2019
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The most sexy fruit ever. Tastes like sex and if you eat it you will be very healthy and grow tall and handsome, and you will have a lot of sex.
What the fuck is a mango
The best fruit ever
by thrgere August 11, 2020
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other word for acting gay with the homies. Also known as mook or fruity
yo harry you actin mad mango for no reason quit it
by biggdk January 13, 2020
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Perhaps the most God like food you'll ever eat, once you have one bite of a delicious mango your mouth will explode with flavor and you'll have to rethink your life choices
Bro1: man I had a JUICY MF mango yesterday
Bro2: BROOOOOO that shit like fuckin crack it's so fuckin gewd!

Bro1: Yass Bro I fuckin know
by Professor. Bonsai April 15, 2019
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Mr Marshall the gay pedophile drama teacher with a foot fetish. He likes to look down 14/15 year old girls tops and admits to it. He is able to hide his boners from class because he has a micropenis
*mr marshall is looking down my top
by Helpmeimgonnagetrapedmangos December 02, 2018
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Another way of saying, β€œBoobs” or β€œTit’s”
Usually used when trying to disguise your conversation about boobs and don’t want others to find out.
β€œHow big are your mangoes”
β€œWhat kind of mangoes do you have?”
by Teryisspam January 19, 2019
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