Something that has such superiority and intellectual power that it simply cannot be expressed any other way than "God tier."
Person #1-yo watch me do a triple back flip handspring without using my legs *does it*

Person #2-that was some god tier shit Yo do it again
by ʎǝlpɐɹq July 4, 2018
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A godly driver that somehow manages to almost kill all passengers every time driving
That girl Mimi is a god tier, she runs all the red lights.
by M on fleeky November 21, 2018
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When something is just perfect, that is the best thing that you have ever seen. usually applies to things that are either random, or found by dumb luck. Like there is nothing better than this damn thing.
Gamer 1 : Oh my god, I got a GOD TIER roll

Gamer 2: what let me sssssssseeeeeeeEEEEE!!!!!! HOLY S&*# IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!
by Mr.Bad-idea December 18, 2016
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A state males enter where they have not interacted sexually or socially with women in over a month.
"Miles hasn't gotten with anyone in ages, he's in God Tier now"
by Mazzo August 3, 2017
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An anime so good it has transcended the normal bounds of anime. Only tru anime fans watch this anime. Some people think this term refers to anime such as Attack on Titan, Naruto, etc. but those are completely different things, not worthy of the title of a God Tier Anime.
Some examples of god tier anime include; Cory in the House, Toy Story, and Shrek.
by weeaboo jones June 25, 2015
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