(v) to mango: to orgasm, usually referring to a female on someone else, especially involving oral sex, and especially involving orgasms of females that 'spray'
Man, he was just slurping away at her for like, 2 minutes, before she mango'd all over his face!
by Selwyn Mason October 01, 2007
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The best color ever, even more so when it comes to "booty shorts". Mango is such a hot color, really gets me going. I love mango thongs, g strings, booty shorts and piles of them on the floor next to my bed. I love mango.
Girl: That was awesome.
Boy: Yea, I try.
Girl: Wanna "try" again?
Boy: Only if I get to take those off again.
Girl: These?
Boy: Yea, I love mango booty shorts.
by Big Labowski November 26, 2004
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An indica dominant strain of marijuana that comes from British Columbia, also known as BC Mango.
We lit up a bowl of mango and it had a nice fruity taste to it.
by renfield9302 May 02, 2008
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Synonymous with dick/penis.

An nice way to tell some one they suck dick/eat dick
by ZergZergZergCheese November 20, 2010
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A pejorative term used to describe someone who reads more 'manga' than anything else, or just manga.
Ugh, I can't believe she's a mango!
What's that you're reading? Pffft, mango...
by polljumping June 30, 2005
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To replace "bingo".
When someone says something spot on or exactly right
When you find something you're looking for.
When you guess something correctly.

evolution of the word:
Bingo --> Bingo-Bango --> Bango --> Mango

best said smoothly rather than shouted.
searching for my keys... find them... "mango."
by Drop Bear March 29, 2007
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