A word to describe any girl or woman of Indian, Pakistani etc descent who is attractive
'the club is full of mangos tonight man'
by noelwins February 29, 2008
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Being the only one of your gender surronded by many of the oppisite gender or just simply being the oppostie of everyone else around you
your at a party with 11 boys and you are the only girl

a mango in a bowl of apples
by dylankk April 29, 2012
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1. (noun) A tropical Fruit
2. (noun) A flamboyant Homosexual Man
3. (adj) expression used by Latin women to describe a good looking man.
1. "Oh my good, this mango is so juicy Its probably from Brazil"
2. "Dude, Anwar is so fruity like a Mango"
3. "Ese Papasito esta bien Mango" (That cutie is soo good looking)
by Aldous June 19, 2008
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Cuban word for ordinary vagina.

Especially good vagina is called papaya.
Mango is always good, but, oh, man, papaya is extra special!
by sylmngyzr April 25, 2007
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