For his love of humanity he was known as a manfred to all the people of the town.
by manfred December 3, 2003
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You just have to love this Person. He is not only the greatest at telling jokes a hundred times but also a pro in historical knowledge. When you meet him, he will brighten up your day by just giving you a smile and his well-known clap on the shoulder. When you meet a Manfred, you can be sure ists gonna be an interesting evening with lots of topics out of the box. (Did you ever drive to Scotland? Can you tell dogs love me? Did you know I played Santa Claus as a student?)
Also there is to mention that he definitely has his sexy side, but only one women could take his heart.
Sorry girls!
Manfred is a fresh, stylish, dude.
by callmeyou December 24, 2021
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A ManFred is someone who wishes to explode someone else's head between thine pecs.
I'm so mad at him I just want to ManFred him so hard
by Beanut Putter May 14, 2017
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A male who has an unhealthy obsession with feet, poop, and Elton John. Usually demonstrates unorthodox or "gay" dance moves when excited.
I was over at the New Valley Tavern when this total Manfred came prancing in staring at my new sandals with his poopy dick winking me right in the eye.
by Marty Higgins April 12, 2007
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Pathological state. The obsessive urge to be in opposition to a statement, no matter how absurd it seems.
A: And then I said: "Wouldn't you rather earn money from being a student, than to have to pay for it?"
And he said: "Well no, actually I wouldn't. Because then the universities would be even more overcrowded than they are already and you wouldn't get any education at all anymore."

B: Wow, that was when he really entered the manfred-opposition!
by Judian March 10, 2008
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Commissioner of Major League Baseball and an all around faggot. Decided to get MLB involved in politics by removing the All Star Game from Atlanta due to a law passed by the Georgia state legislature. Decided not to punish the Houston Astros after they won a World Series via cheating. Decided to have 7 inning double headers and a runner on 2nd in the 10th inning starting with the 2020 season. Sucks off the owners and fucks over the players any chance he can get. Will probably cause a strike shortened season in 2022 because he's such a flaming piece of hot garbage.
"Hey, remember when Rob Manfred took the All Star Game away from Atlanta!?" - Baseball fan
"Yeah! I had tickets to go too! I was looking forward to it, and he took it away due to a law passed by the state of Georgia that we had no control over!" - Braves fan
"Yeah that was some weak shit, who would do that?" - Baseball fan
"Yeah, and then the Braves went out and won the fucking World Series and that faggot Manfred had to give us the World Series trophy and all the Braves fans booed him in Houstin! Haha! Fuck Rob Manfred!" - Braves fan
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 29, 2022
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A man with a heart of a lion but a cock of a gorilla. He is most likely a wise and well behaved man. He is a gangster but also a lover.
Look at that thug! He must be a Manfred Erlandsson.

I was with a guy last night and his dick size was a Manfred Erlandsson.
by GorillaSizedChamp November 23, 2021
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