When the government fucks you.
Especially when they control your media. Also a sacred awakening and if you piss off the mandella it will probably destroy the government without even realizing it.
by ||♡|| October 24, 2020
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A word that exemplify someone who conquers hatred and hardship metered on them in a somewhat legitimate way by virtue of their insistence to fight for a just cause. Someone who overcomes the hatred and rises up to become a leader of a sect of people, living and touting forgiveness and togetherness and able to bring partys of discord to accept each other. Such a person stands out of the shadow of hatred, is able to forgive and love back and essentially becomes an icon loved by many. He can be termed as a political savior in some ways or a peaceful jihadist.
You are a mandela.
Are'nt there any more mandelas to show us the way to do this?
You have lived a mandela life.
Can you mandela yourself?
by eaojnr December 11, 2013
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A mandela is meant to be something you remember, but it looks different. These changes can be small or drastic, it all depends on the person. This can be shown by the "Mandela effect" or the "Mandela catalog" series on youtube.
by purroids February 3, 2023
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A now famous everyday term for Marijuana, this colloquialism was coined by english schoolchildren just days after Mandela's release from prison on 11 February 1990, its highbrow nature and nonsensical link to the anti-apartheid South African jailbird meant it was a perfect code word when discussing your sweet mary jane. Frequently used in the teen soap opera Hollyoaks during the early noughties gave the phrase its noteriety, however it's covert nature was now lost due to the extreme popularity of the programme.
Let's get baked, i've got some gnarly Mandela
by cat and mouse killer November 26, 2010
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The most prestigious type of self gratification, a "mandela" is the act of masturbation while incarcerated. Due to the isolation and semi private room, the Mandela is a must for prison stays of any length. Named so aptly after Nelson Mandela who through years of jail time probably beat off over a speculated 100,000 times.
"Dude what did you do while you were in the drunk tank for 3 hours last night?"

"I just pulled a Mandela and passed out."
by Jake Tyler Brigance February 18, 2008
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When you can't find the porn that you jacked off to a couple of days ago. Did that video ever exist or did you just cum so hard you nutted into another dimension?
"Bro, I can't find that video of Riley Reid anywhere on the internet. What happened?"

"Who's Riley Reid?"

"Oh no...did I just Mandela Nut?"

"I don't know. Let's blow each other to see if we're in the right dimension."
by ThisIsMatthewCastro June 23, 2018
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"...For the preservation of security"
The Mandela Catalogue is an Analog Horror series of VHS tapes, Made by Alex Kister on 6/9/21 (Supposed to be 6/10/21). The Mandela Catalogue was inspired by "The Walten Files", "Local 58", "Gemini Home Entertainment" and "Marble Hornets". This series is about Alternates, Intruders. Alternates are entities that turn into humans when the victim dies. Intruders are people who kidnap/abduct children and made one mother "DISTRAUGHT AT THE SIGHT OF HER MISSING INFANT" (in the episode, not In real life).
"The Mandela Catalogue is a great analogue horror series."
by 144p CESAR_TORRES April 13, 2022
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