An amazing, attractive girl who is just crazy beautiful. A Mandalay is also very nice and smart with really nice tits. They are usually one of the most amazing girls that one should meet. Because of Mandalay's amazingness they are pretty popular and usually have many guys wanting her, so if you are with a Mandalay, you are one lucky guy.
Guy 1: "Wow, I just met the most amazing girl ever"
Guy 2: "Really. Was her name Mandalay cause they are pretty nuts"
by a beastly beast July 19, 2010
An amazing, attractive girl who is just crazy beautiful. A Mandalay is also very nice and smart with really nice tits
Guy 1: "Wow, i just met this amazing girl"
Guy 2: "Really, was her name Mandalay"
by a pretty beastly beast July 19, 2010
usually gay screams and cries a lot and always wants her way,therefore leading his/her family and friends to believe he/she is the spawn of Satan
see that fat chick over there she is such a mandalay
by KOOKIESNSCREAM January 23, 2009
When your lady is dropping a deuce, you stick your dick in her mouth pinning her to the back of the toilet so she can't get away.
I gave my girl a Mandalay Mudflap on the way to the shower.
by jungle James February 11, 2010
It MEANS plenty of BLAME to go around not just ANAL ALAN SHIT ASSH0LE scapegoat.
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ANAL ALAN KNOWS A LOT as saw a movie at UNLV got me so sick it gave MY cramps in both legs their ETNIC CLEANSING. MYAMAR.
by KOMON SECEF ANAL ASSH0LE April 14, 2022