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A small town on the edge of Philadelphia where yuppies come to drink at overpriced bars catering to college students and young professionals and hipsters
Hey let's go to Manayunk this weekend so we can say we were there and get tanked, Because it's the place to be and maybe we will rent a house there with five other people so we can have a big party on the annual men's pro cycling championships.
by Dadgad September 28, 2014
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Manayunk is a neighborhood in the NW section of Philadelphia where suburban white kids move to after college so that they can say that they live in Philadelphia without having to deal with the scary black people in North, South or West Philly or the trash in the Northeast.
After getting his marketing degree from West Chester, Brad finally moved out of his parents' house in King of Prussia and into Manayunk. Boy does he love blondes and shitty beer.
by cc miller November 01, 2007
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A trendy neighborhood in NW philadelphia, located along the banks of the Schuykill River.
In the 1980s, Manayunk was infested with blue collar white trash who suffered from the decline of manufacturing jobs. It also had many empty storefronts along Main Street, its primary commercial street.
In the 1990s, Manayunk's rebirth and gentrification could be attributed to the opening of several upscale restaurants on Main Street. These restaurants were backed by developers who promoted Manayunk as a place to visit. Manayunk retained its small-town charm with its small 2 and 3-story rowhomes, cobblestone paving, and hilly streets. Many people who visited decided to stay and renovate the small rowhomes characteristic of the area. They also chased the remnants of the old mill worker whitetrash up the hill into Roxborough thus completeing the yuppie conquest of the yunk! Demand for housing in the area has lead to the converting of the former mills into loft apartments, and upscale shops started replacing the empty storefronts and trashy mom-and-pop stores. In 2004, a new condominium tower was built on part of Venice Island, and in 2005 there are plans to build more condominium towers to replace the closed soap and paper factories.

Wow manayunk has changed, nice restaurants, bars, stores, and best of all the people here actually have teeth unlike the inhabitants in the 80's.
by not from roxborough February 26, 2007
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known by most as a suburb of Philadelphia, it actually describes the feeling in the morning after drinking too much the night before.
Last night was rough; I had one drink too many and didn’t eat and I feel like manayunk today.
by knewjerzee December 11, 2008
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