A neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia. Its bordered by Andorra on the north, Manayunk and East Falls to the south, and Wissahickon Valley to the east. While the precise location of these borders are ambiguous, its reasonable to say that everything northeast of Manayunk Avenue up to Henry Avenue (Ridge Corridor), and everything north of Leverington are part of the borough.

The neighborhood is conveniently located a good distance from violent thugs in Germantown, and the delicate artistes and meatheads of Manayunk.

Roxborough is home to Tony A's, Zagat rated D'Allesandro's Steaks, Jimmy Cannon's famous 4 AM deliveries, a Rita's, Alex's Pizza, Santucci's Pizza, The Adobe Cafe, 3 easy to get to grocers, plenty of good, unpretentious bars, all the major banks, 3 beer distributors, you get the idea.

A great place to be.
Jeff: "So get off at Green Lane and-"

Ashley: "OMG you live in Manayunk?"

Jeff: "No, Roxborough. So you make a left onto main and head up Leverington-"


Jeff: "Bitch, check yourself."
by crackedMack April 12, 2010
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It's where it's at. Roxborough is the greatest neighborhood in Philly. The people who live there ride out for each other and they don't take shit from nobody. People who don't live in the Borough, wish they did. Most people who live in surrounding neighborhoods such as Manyunk and East Falls dream one day to move to the Borough so they tell their friends that they live in Roxborough.
"Throw them X's up for the Borough, Roxborough represent!"
by Racecar Spelled Backwards March 20, 2009
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A section of Philadelphia inhabited by poor Blue Collar people born of low stock. The Roxborough people are generally poorly educated , since they received there so called education at Hallahan, and if they actually do graduate High School the percentage of them who go onto college to better than selves is less than 1%. The men usually never amount to anything more than a union laborer or a floor clerk at home depot. The women (aka hallaho's) fare even worse and usually can hope to be nothing more than a Waitress at Applebee's or a secretary if there lucky.
The exact Geogrphic boundaries of Roxborough are somewhat disputed since it borders the wealthy suburbs and the upper Middle class Philadelphia Neighborhood of Manayunk. (everyone wants it far away from them as possible) But a general rule of thumb for its boundaries could be The width of the area from Henry Ave crossing over to Pechin st and the length extending from the city limits down to Wisahicken station.

76 was closed so i had to drive down Ridge ave thru Roxborough to get to center city. I saw more trash than a lanfill in that place!
by Manayunk Yuppie February 20, 2007
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A section in philadelphia that is infamous for its meth labs. They use a different chemical from regular meth labs that make it almost 5 times more potent and a much "better" high.

Also it has a large amount of hallahan and roman kids who go there, the large majority being hallaho's and as the name implies are ho's and go to hallahan.
Yo you see that hallaho?
Yeah, thats chrissy she lives up by the y in roxborough.

Yo where'd you get this meth it amazing?
I got it up by d'alessandro's in roxborough.
by jfrost May 29, 2006
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1.) white trash from Roxborough. Nearly everyone in Roxborough between the ages of 12-22 and 30-65. These people wear oversized white t-shirts and grey sweatpants with black sneakers. The girls often have gigantic Hispanic looking hoop earrings, tight ponytails and strollers (regardless of age). The guys often have fake Timberland boots, and backwards (or sideways) Phillies caps. These people often have misconceptions of how poor their neighborhood is (isn't, really) and what race they are. Many attend (or have attended) Hallihan or Roman. Drinking starts early (both in age, and time of the day), as does drug use. They often try to exaggerate the level of "ghetto" in Roxborough and themselves, while paradoxically making their home to be the greatest place in the city.
2.) popular online blog, found at www.roxboroughtrash.blogspot.com
Did you see that Roxborough trash kid coming out of the Wawa?
by roxboroughtrash October 21, 2007
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A boring place to live. At the base of the mountains,past chatfield lake and by lockeed martin. Nothing to do except go to sonic or safeway. The only bright side is that we sometimes get more snowdays then the rest of the school district.
Person 1- "God, I'm so bored! Its just like Roxborough Village around here."
Person 2- "Yeah. School is so Roxborough Village too."
by Grizzly!_13 February 1, 2011
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person 1: where do you live?
person 2: roxborough

person 1: lucky! i wish i lived there
by heyaheyaheyokay February 17, 2021
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