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She is the cutest girl you'll ever know. She can behave like an adult and child at same time. She observes everything deeply. She has many crushes but doesn't tell anyone. She can be your best advisor and secret keeper. Be her boyfriend she's pretty good. But her one thing is bad that is her mood swings. Her mood can swing in every damn second. If you cause any trouble to her she can be your worst nightmare.
I want an advisor but the person's name should be Manasvi.
by Yournametruth July 31, 2018
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Often used in cases to refer to someone with tremendous potential but doesnt use it because he/she is too lazy or unaware of such potential.
She's such a Manasvi, she needs to find out how capable she is.

He's such a Manasvi, i dont think he really deserves the job.
by Alice in Wonderland :] March 15, 2009
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Hot and sexual and pretty and funny and sensitive, a good kisser, good blower, a pussy every guy wants for dinner and boobs you can compare to the feeling of pizza, hot sex and cute personality. Girlfriend material? Marry her.
She's such a manasvi type of person, I want to show her my 50 shades of grey.
by Truth been told 1111 July 27, 2015
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Usually a self centered bitch that looks ugly as hell, but thinks she is hot as fuck. She thinks she can get any guy she wants; but we all know she cant.
Dan: Eww is that Manasvi?
Suav: Nah thats just a hippo bruh
by TheTaker May 16, 2018
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