A threesome involving two or more males; derived from Minaj
At the party last night, TJ, Brian, and Blake got really drunk and decided to manaj.
by Quintessence May 30, 2011
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To dis
or make fun of
or talk behind someones back.
"I was manajed last night!!"

"He was so manajing Sally last night!"

"I got grounded for manjing the neighbors mistress"
by Keria1010 June 12, 2009
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A girl with big booty and i were to hit that, it would totally aceptable, i would have no regrets and it would be the best moment of my life
Damn....... I need that Nikki Manaj booty.

Time for some netflix and chill
by Ho catcher January 4, 2016
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“Your man be wanting my pussy (add basic verse here)”
All these bitches is my sons
You: have you heard Nikki Manaj’s verse in the krippy kush remi-
Me: no, no, no, no,no,no,...no
by HUFhammered December 9, 2017
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When some one has a nice butt. To the point where you have to say something about it.
Bob: DAANNNGG she has a Nikki-Manaj-Butt!
Joe: I know righhttt!
by Nikki-Manaj-Butt October 16, 2011
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