A husband/boyfriend that treats their wife/girlfriend like a slave instead of their significant other.
Husband comes home and sits groceries on kitchen counter, then goes to do something else. Husband comes back into the kitchen and asks wife "have you been in the kitchen (mean look on face)" wife "no. Why?" He doesn't say, so wife gets up and goes into kitchen...just to see that he asked because the groceries weren't put up. Wife thinks to self "you could've put those up yourself, you man pig!"

My husband is such a man pig because he thinks I'm going to just do everything for him because we are married.
by Moochy July 19, 2013
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A disgusting, foul, ugly ass chick who you just cannot stand! Usually resembling a man in the face, a bear in the body, and a pig in personality, this foul creature lurks in the back of your study hall, the middle of the locker room, and at the front of the lunch line! Give her a cookie and she'll love you forever, give her a cock, and she'll suck it, fuck it, then put a bun and mustard on it and treat it as a hot dog.
"dude, did you see that new man bear pig that just transferred from Florida?"

"damn dude... that creature sure is one ugly man bear pig... how long til she eats some1?"
by Dikey McCarpetMuncher November 30, 2008
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Half man Half bear Half pig. then you get man bear pig, also know as al gore
haha i watched that movie with al gore, what a man bear pig
by SkaterBoy September 26, 2007
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al gore being super cereal or serial that half man ,half bear , half pig creature exists and attacks people in south park where they say al gore has no freinds and wants atttention XD! MBP !!
man bear pig from south park which al gore sayss it exists and no one belives him
by gPv16 March 21, 2010
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(n) Half-man, half-pig, it's speculated that the government has been experimenting with pig men since the 50's. Made famous by Cosmo Kramer in the TV sit-com "Seinfeld" in the episode "The Bris".
"Believe me, Jerry. Somewhere in this hospital, the anguished 'oink' of Pig-Man cries out for help."
by Tizztone July 26, 2012
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Sam Harris, also known as “The Pig Man” is the sad story of a boy age 17 that went missing in the hills Of Northfield Vermont in 1951. The night before Halloween October 30, 1951 Sam set out with eggs in hand for what he called Picket night, a night of mischief. The next morning when his parents awoke and found him missing, this set off a huge search party that lasted weeks and involved hundreds of locals over hundreds of square miles. Although never found it is said there has been sighting of Sam who some say became possessed by the devil himself that fateful night. Sam Harris is known to slaughter pigs and eat their entrails and hallow out the pig’s head and wear over his all awhile terrorizing the small New England town locals. Sam still today haunts the hills surrounding Devil’s Washbowl where they say he lies with the pigs and is also known for bestiality spawning half man half pig offspring.
Sam is the Pig Man I tell you!
by D.E. Harris November 2, 2009
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A part man, bear, and pig being. This is a freakish looking being that can only show its face during the day, because at night it becomes a very ugly, human...eww..gross.. I know this is very scary. This ugly being could just stay as a man bear pig instead of this ugly human form. If seen, do not approach, as man bear pig will pluck your eyes out and eat you.. Shes a bastard..
Dude that girl in our class is a total man bear pig.. Oh shit.. it's night time.
by J J December 7, 2006
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