To instantly stop weeping over your huge vagina, grow a pair of hairy ones and get the fuck on with your day.
Nathan: "has anybody got any indigestion tablets?"

Answer: "Man The Fuck Up"
by Yeahuh November 25, 2012
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When somebody is such a woman that they need to not just man up, but Man The Fuck Up. Can be shortened to MTFU. Usable on both genders and all species. Also, note that someone who gets some supresses the need to have this for a few days as they have already Manned Up enough.
Ed: Wow, it's reallt bright outside :)
Dude: Man Up Ed.
Ed: No, look, it's so bright, lets go and play outside.
Dude: Ed. I'm going to say this just once. Man The Fuck Up!
by That Guy Who's Really Cool August 19, 2009
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be a man not a bitch; see training day where he tells him to hit that mexican garbage
yo bitch, man the fuck up and finish that dime!
by t double d ya'll July 25, 2004
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The expression "Yo-Dudes" uses to scare 13-years-old "Yo-Dudes".
by Delf June 23, 2003
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Your tellin ya boy not to mess like with the ladies or on a job interview
"Yo Man Don't Fuck Up that girl is fine"
by : P ya right May 3, 2006
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is the one friend who fucks up everything your friend group does and ruins the entire Fucking Experience for evryone. They are also the most retarded, autistic peices of shits in the world.These peoples name consist of. Will, Bob, Jeff or Jeffery, Mark, Luke, And Eric. Watch out for these people ladies and gents this people will ruin your life.
Mark shoplifts and you guys get arrested

"Jesus Mark Your The One Man Fuck Up
by Gibbys are not gay December 19, 2019
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