A man friend is someone that you are talking to and hooking up with but are still in between stages of being friends and/or boyfriend and girlfriend
"Today my man friend and I were discussing if we wanted to take our relationship to the next level."
by b!gr3d January 9, 2010
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The term used when a gay guy is trying to hide the fact that he is gay even though this sometimes makes it more obvious to the other people that are not gay that are listening to the gay guy talk about his "Man Friend".
ChriS Ka pWn- "Ya, the other day me and my "Man Friend" were like tossing salads when we realized that there was not really a salad involed and that it was just a bad phrase used to cover up the fact that we were pleasing each other."
by Iz Dr Mario zI August 6, 2006
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A man who is somewhere between a friend and a boyfriend. This can be a temporary state from which he will eventually become a boyfriend or a permanent state of more than friendship. Even if you have only hooked up with him once, if you have crossed that line, he's a man-friend.
That guy you keep trying to convince people is not your boyfriend: he's your man-friend.
by Marissa Carol April 30, 2006
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the mature term of referring to a significant other who is of the male sex.
I'm not looking for a boy, i don't want a boyfriend.
i need me a 'MAN friend'.
by Mikatron May 2, 2007
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The group of men who vie for the attention of a single woman by not actively pursuing her. They are often friends themselves or co-workers etc. who claim equal stake in the possibility that they can form a more substantial relationship. Man-Friends serve different functions for the women they seek, from simple companionship to the completion of chores or providing emotional support.

Man-friends are often in denial of their passive pursuit of their 'friends'. Man-Friends can be obstacles to the women's prospective mates and have been known to sabotage their attempts at other relationships. Single men in pursuit of a woman with man-friends are often put off by their presence. Man-friend status is usually something to avoid in developing a new relationship.

The term man-friends does not describe the friends of a man or the gay male friends a woman has.
I decided not to pursue that girl from the club, she was hanging out with, like, 6 man-friends.

"Things are great with Sally, but tomorrow we go to the game with her 'man-friend' Jeff!!! We will have to see how that goes..."

"I have really become fond of Ann, but I think I am just a 'man-friend'."

"You should have seen it coming, man. She had you slotted as a 'man-friend' from the start."

"I got my 'man-friend' coming over to mow the lawn today, I think I will ask him to change the porch light as well."
by Dirt Biike May 11, 2008
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A man's best friend is undoubtably his dog. They're friendly, loyal, quirky, and great to talk to. A great friend, one who will never judge your wardrobe or what you said or did today. When you come home, all they want from you is a hello and a petting. They'll never refuse attention, or a treat (or several). They'll love you simply for being there and loving them back.
My dog Biscuit is a great dog. Truly man's best friend.
by Zoniax June 8, 2009
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