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Malairia is a protazoan parasite that is caught from a mosquito

Malaria is caused by the plasmodium parasite, mainly found in africa but can be found anywhere mosquitos live.
Even though feared by many, malaria has a fairly low death rate,and can be easily prevented.
Its life cycle begins when an infected mosquito bites an uninfected human, it infects the human, then if an unifected mosquito bites an infected host, the life cyclee repeats
Malaria can be easilyprevented by using mosquito repellent and mosquito nets at night. One thing your lucky that it is fairly common it is one of the less serious mosquito born diseases
Malaria is trash
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by blah_blah-blah_ May 30, 2020
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Same principles as Jungle Fever, only in terms of South America/Central America.
Mad girls are hooking up with Mexicans and Cubans; they've come down with Malaria
by Mike Bradey October 05, 2008
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