Making a Sandwich is code for jerking off,spanking the monkey,rubbing one out, etc. It is often used when someone asks you what you've been doing but would rather not express to the world that you were in fact playing with yourself. The expressing is usually followed by a quick wink and maybe a nod.
"Hey Jason, where the hell have you been? What were you doing?" ..."Just making a sandwich." 'wink'
by dirtykurty September 7, 2010
(v) When someone in an online video game such as Halo 3 is just sitting there not moving at all is obviously away making a sandwich.
Holy crap this is the 10th time T've killed this guy. He must be making a sandwich.
by goodkall September 12, 2009
About the most sexually degrading thing that can be done to a man. After the man has ejaculated (either before or during intercourse or other sex play), his partner goes to the kitchen, puts meat, cheese and condiments on two pieces of bread. The partner then brings the "sandwich" back to the man and forces him to eat it. Embellishments like serving the "sandwich" on a plate, cutting it into halves, or trimming the crusts off the bread only heighten the humiliation.
"Oh, you think that sex was dirty, I'm going to go make a sandwich you little worm. Then you're going to eat it."

Man #1: Oh shit, you know that crazy hottie last night at the bar. She's a fucking sexual animal. I got her home and she just went nuts. Tore off all my clothes, licking and sucking everything. We were in the hallway, the living room, at some point she was half upside down hanging off the balcony. There was a plunger and spinning lights. It felt like an alien abduction. I mean, damn, she was insatiable.

Man #2: Whoa. Nice. You gonna go get some more of that? Wait, alien abduction?

Man #1: ... um well. She, um... made me a sandwich.

Man #2: Damn. You're just a little bitch now aren't you?
by wonkybutt June 17, 2007
doing somthing sexual to a guy that ends with stuff that looks like mayo that u put on a sandwich.
girl#1: what did you guys do last night?
girl#2: oh u know made a little sandwich.
by Julie May 20, 2004
Internet slang for any form of masturbation (including masturbation of another person or mutual masturbation) while typing. This term originates from the fact that both making or consuming a sammich while typing, and masturbating while typing often have very similar looking, and quite sloppy results.
Amy: sorry guys if im not makng any sense
Skell: Amy, what the hell are you saying?
Amy: its jus that im making a sammich with my right hand so its realy hard to type
Cedric: Amy, are you masturbating?
Patty: Relax man, the woman is just making a sandwich ;).
Amy: i dont kno what youre talking about! im just eating a really good sammich
Skell: You really are masturbating, aren't you? xD
Cedric: I think you have your answer right there, Skell..
by Our loudest line of defense September 25, 2013
When you're at a party the two couples next to you are making out and you're in the middle, forever alone. And you're fifth wheeling like a champ and pretending to be occupied elsewhere because those blonde asian bitches won't dance with your sorry ass. So then you're just standing there between those lovers sucking face.

This phenomenon first occurred at JMaddy.
MT: I can't get over that awkward make out sandwich from last night. Like I'd come up for air and you'd just be standing there. Loser.
MC: :( No one loves me
RV: Never partying with you again. Lame sauce.
by 4everalonest@r September 6, 2011
Slang for having a wank
An example of making tuna sandwiches is :
OMG dude I just made tuna sandwiches and now my hands stink
by Stu89 February 12, 2007