Ingenuity, creativity, to create/do/make with less than the amount of or lack of needed components to complete a task/project/recipe.
Der wud not any milk,eggs,or buttah fo' the boxed mac n' cheese so Pless Made DO and hooked it up wif some mayonnaise and sprite. WE MAKE DO!!
by Jesus Scoot March 7, 2007
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To go to sleep. Used in French Louisiana and New Orleans. Pronounced "doh-doh," as opposed to doo-doo, which means feces.
I am tired, so I think I will make do-do.
by eViL pOp TaRt May 22, 2011
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I make it happen like an operations managers! make the world go round, I get it done, am the reason it works
Q: Hey Joe what you up to?
A: Nothing much, you know,I make it do what it do my nig
by itsBennyBlancob January 7, 2012
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Shut-up you peice of shit, you imbecile. This is one of the funniest daft punk songs out there!
Work it, make it, do it, makes us... harder, better, faster, stronger...
Now this next clip can be created on the iDaft app by starting at the first one and going to the second below one, then doing that on the right then doing it on the second row. Just search up the fucking meme alright?
Work it harder make it better, do it faster makes us stronger more than ever hour after, our work is NEVER OVER. Creepy I know...
by ☆★Midas★☆ February 17, 2022
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Answer to any problem you may encounter in your journey through life.
A: Damn, I got a shitload of homework
B: Make your mom do it.

A: Can you please pick up after yourself?
B: Make your mom do it.

A: We have a shipment of anthrax that needs to be sent to Iraq by tomorrow.
B: Make your mom do it.
by Tim XYZ November 9, 2003
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This phrase can mean one of two things

The literal meaning of it as in we make a good team.

It could also mean you are there for me and I love you for that
Person 1: I got your back

Person 2: we do make a good team

Person 1: bro, we do make a good team
by AmyStorm November 26, 2018
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