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Rich refugees from China, who are always seen with big baggages. They shout, cut queues, litter or, squad on toilet bowl, pee in sink, or simply shit on street. Their country is rich but they can't find (or buy) genuine goods so they trample nearby cities to buy all milk powder for their babies. Many pregnant Mainlanders illegally (or legally) enter HK to give birth in ER in the last minute. They are regarded as locusts.
"See that tummy rushed into the ER? Another lolife is coming"
"Should be no-life. They are mainlanders."
by singa113 January 11, 2012
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People from China. They are usually FOBs (fresh off the boat). They usually have shit loads of money to blow but has very little manners. Talks hella loud in public and talks Mandarine with a Bei Jing accent. They often wear terrible knock offs clothings like Nikke, Reboot, and Addadas without noticing it.
Those damn mainlander....piss off or crash your BMW and die!
by Gaven May 31, 2006
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mainlanders are people from mainland part of china (basically the communist part) They are considered by their non mainland (hong kong and taiwan or non-communist) chinese counterparts to be annoying, vile and most of all disgusting (what do you expect when they are living through communism?) some modern tinkers are now considering to use the term mainlanders to describe a type of sub humanism(because where ever they go they seem to show very inhumane acts)..... like when the nazi described romanians as gypsies.
hey is that another subhuman mainlander take a shit inside a shopping mall?

the gurkha regiment should come back to hong kong and close up our borders from these mainlander fucks
by aryan male October 03, 2010
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Mainlanders, a term used in Newfoundland to describe people from mainland Canada (Places other than Newfoundland and PEI).

Mainlanders often isult Newfoundlanders because of their lack of understanding of Newfoundland culture or just ignorance in general. Some view mainlanders as lazy and opinionated due to the fact that Newfoundlanders usually do most of the work (i.e the Alberta tar sands)
"God damn mainlanders..."
by David456 May 14, 2007
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Someone anyone from the "old world" from an American perspective.
Josh: Dude we got a new black dude in class!
Tony: I wonder if he is from Compton lol
Josh: No,no dude. Hes a main-lander, hes from Nigeria!
by collosoll May 22, 2014
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Rich refugees from China who usually come to Hong Kong and cause negative externalities. They're loud, they carry their luggage around with them everywhere, they have no respect for others so they'll either run over your feet with their suitcases, cut the line or push you out the way. They're disrupting the economy and taking up precious university spaces in Hong Kong. They're selfish pieces of shit who are considered subhuman, and many people believe they don't deserve any rights. Mainlanders are completely different from Hongkongers, where Hong Kong should be a country.

If you ever see one (especially in Hong Kong), don't be afraid to fight back at them because they deserve it. They can fuck off back to China because they're not welcome anywhere else.
Mainlanders are the reason why I don't go to Hong Kong Disneyland anymore. Fuck them for ruining my life.
by 146 Legend May 28, 2018
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