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Mainer(Noun): fahckin, a wicked good person from that wicked good state of Maine. Said person was born and raised, and possibly had generations of family before them also live in this fahckin' place. I mean jesus fuhkin' christ, it's someone who uses r's where there ain't none, and doesn't use r's where they'ah supposed to be.
a Mainer will say, "Jesus Mary and Joseph, it's fuckin' roastin' out he'ah. Goin' to Bah Habah for some Lobstah' sounds like a good idear. 'Cause down there, the wind comes at a wicked good clip."
by GoldTooth7313 July 25, 2006
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Dank(noun)- the stickyicky, chronic, deliciously smelling plant known as marijuana. Usually referring to a classier strand other than "shwag green." When smoked, will send large quantity of oxygen to the brain, getting the smoker "fuckin ... supa baked."
Dank(adj.) A word used in place of "awesome," "cool," and "jam."
You got 'dat dank, nigga? i wanna SMOKE.

That dank nugget was fuckin dank. Jesus ... I'm so high. Oh my god ... mom?!
by GoldTooth7313 February 02, 2005
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