A state with a population of just over a million people, visited by tourists year after year, their only goal is to piss off the natives, The person above has no idea what he is talking about because Maine is acutally a very expensive state to life in.
Maine, worth a visit, worth a lifetime.
Maine, now you've seen it, go home you tourist!
by G2 July 12, 2003
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A state in the USA with the highest percentage of whites ( 97% white). Maine is sometimes used to describe a place or group that has a vast majority of Caucasians.
"Yo G, this club is Maine in here, let's boot"
by Baldacci July 08, 2006
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A state that everyone trashes on; One that has horrible education budgets, yet still has some of the best public schools in the country. Lots of people smoke and drink... I live in Maine so stop trashing it!
Get out of Maine you effing tax raisers... Now.
by Will C June 23, 2005
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A sweet place up north where you can go hunting, fishing and campin' all the time. You also got the mainah's who enjoy working on the cars. Oh and ya can't live without duck tape and WD-40
Maine slang...

Wicked awesome man

No doubt

Yahhh duddde

Get'ah done
by Maranda May 19, 2005
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Actually, Maine is an extremely expensive state. I don't know why ya'll is hatin' on it, it's one of the best places to live and it's not that boring. When people read this about Maine they're going to think all of us are hillbillies and that we marry our cousins! Thats not true! Maine has inner-cities too, but not quite like New York City or Las Angeles..but it has its share. It has beautiful summers that last more than 2 weeks and the best falls.
Uh, I don't have an example.
by Dizzle July 27, 2004
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The easternmost United States. Known as "Vacationland", it is no doubt a magnet for summer tourists who flock to rocky coastlines dotted with lighthouses and pine trees, as well as numerous forests inland including the Appalachian Trail's Hundred-Mile Wilderness and its terminus at Mount Katahdin. The state is so distinctively east that it is the only state to border just one other state (New Hampshire), and borders the fewest states of any in the lower 48.
People travel to Maine to vacation along the breathtaking coast and to hike
by An Excommunicated Elf April 23, 2009
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a GREAT state that makes money off of tourism every summer, we have lobster AND canada, if you dont like us piss off and go home, eh
#29, read the REAL definition of redneck moron, and its pronounced bang - ghore
#30, your thinking of "mayne"
#31, if your gonna talk incest, talk west-virginia, not maine
#32, we dont even GET W.B., and ive never smokes all my life, same goes for drinking
#33, i really dont have anything to say to you
#34, where the hell are you that you find nothing but white trash?
for the editors: im sorry but i cannot sit idely by while people bitch about my state like this, i hope you understand
by iahova August 05, 2008
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