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Mailis is the typical best friend in Hollywood Movies; she’s gorgeous, smart, always has your back and has the best advice, even for the worst situation you’re stuck in. It’s simply the definition of the perfect best friends everyone dreams of.
She’s my best friend. She’s a real Mailis!
by Hot Llama July 24, 2018
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Is really weird, but we can put up with her. Shes really good at making spaghetti, is sometimes funny and has a wonderful sense of humor. Rate 10/10 would be best friends!
Maili, what wonderful spaghetti!
by Red339 December 20, 2016
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The girl who eavesdrops on your conversation when you are talking to your buddy, not particularly annoying
That chick in the green shirt is such a Mailis
by Rockandrolljunkiie February 13, 2009
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