Maija is a fun loving girl. Maija is also very intelligent. Maija is quite artistic and talented. She is popular among people and is often the prom-queen type. She's gorgeous and has lots of friends, many of whom have fallen in love with her. Maija is a fiercely loyal friend and will kick your ass if you hurt anyone she cares about. Maija has a big personality and an amazing heart. Maija is a person who makes everyone around her smile brighter.
"Hey I'm hanging out with Maija tonight. Want to come?"
by kegler679 August 18, 2016
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A pretty common name in Scandinavia... some plants are called Maija's also in some part of the world.
Altough you rarely meet any nice Maija's... but if you do you want to marry her

Maija's use 4-letter-words often, and are all bark no bite. Very fragile and sensitive in their own way actually. Handle with care!
by mothernaturesson February 4, 2010
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Maija is a fierce you girl who loves adventure. And unicorns. Mostly unicorns. Is it her birthday? Get her a unicorn shirt. She also is an amazing friend. If she sees you screwing with her friend she will not hesitate to kick your ass. Long story short, she's the best.
"Did you see that girl Maija kick that kids ass?"
"Yeah I heard he screwed with her friend."
"Yeah it was AWSEOME!"
by Sassy Un1c0rn September 1, 2017
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Baddiest bitch in the world. Not afraid to speak her mind or be honest. She's a total hottie with a PHAT ass and she isn't afraid to show it off. She has blonde hair, has all the boys, and will never let her ladies down. Everyone is scared of her, but she takes it as a compliment. Has the coolest mom in the world and is very popular.
"She looks like a Maija, she has a PHAT ass."
by badbiddie3 November 10, 2020
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Maija is a very Dark child. Prone to epic mood-swings and can be found elegantly haunting your local cemetery. Though she's a dark character, she's a kind hearted, classic literature loving individual.
Oh Gosh is that Maija?

Yeah isn't it obvious she's wearing black!
by Molly Matthews October 29, 2010
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Maija can be a name as a name it pronounced like Maya, but not as a name it can be used to describe a dumbass bitch
dumbass bitch example: you're such maija
name example: oh, hi Maija
by Jellybean.P. September 15, 2020
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An american adaptation of a Japanese manga
I've read multiple maija in that genre
by NSDP May 2, 2021
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