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Mahak is a gorgeous girl who loves her friends she often struggles with love but when she finds it it brings her her great joy she often is blessed up top and has the best eyebrows ever she is a great friend and is typically a good person she deserves the world
Omg Mahak is soooo hot-guy #1
Yeah but that hoe can't keep a guy-guy #2
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by Baby345 June 14, 2018
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an indian slut with a lot of swagger
brian: yo did you see that girl? she's so hot!

chris: yeah, but she's got her flaws. she's a mahak.
by rosycheecks June 05, 2009
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Means "fragrance" in the urdu language (spoken in Pakistan and many parts of South Asia)

Is a girl's name, used in many romantic poems and urdu song lyrics, and has a general connotation of beauty and innocence.

(The previous definition of "mahak" is utterly ridiculous and probably reflects the author's ignorance.)
The mahak of true love is the most beautiful sensation that anyone could ever experience... tum aaye to meri zindagi mein mahak aa gayi...
by undefined beauty October 26, 2010
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