Priyanka is a popular female given name in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is a name derived from the Sanskrit word 'Priyanka' or 'Priyankara' meaning, someone or something that is amiable; lovable, or makes you happy. Priyanka is always attracting to male...Well in Studies, sports...etc.

All the Priyanka's I LOVE YOU !!
by SWEET 17 REPLYS February 8, 2018
Indian name meaning “beloved”
Wise and noble in thought
and action, She can be
depended upon to do any job
well, She expresses her feelings

freely, She is highly practical

and serious minded, A
person with her own ideas.
She named her daughter Priyanka
by Pink lemon June 5, 2018
A name derived from Sanskrit to mean "a lap full of love" or simply very loving in nature.

Priya means "love" and Ank means "lap"

It also means just "love"
Her name is Priyanka.
by PMod13579 August 2, 2017
Priyanka is a wonderful human being that always thinks the best for the people she cares and loves.

Priyanka doesn't take shit from stupid assholes. Once she's done, she is done honey !

She can never be mean to someone until and unless they're too close to her to understand where she's coming from.

She's is straight forward and unapologetically loving and caring human you will ever come across
Oh look!! She's just so PRIYANKA!!!
by Sniper89 April 16, 2020
A sweet girl, who is talkative and comes from the Sanskrit word, Priyankara or Priyankera. The name Priyanka starts with the letter 'P' and has some significance in astrology. You have been blessed by the angels if you have met a Priyanka 😇😇😇😇 Very kind and Pretty
She was Perfect for him, such a Priyanka
by DEVANKey #♡Keyper♡ May 25, 2019
A name derived from Sanskrit to mean "a lap full of love" or simply very loving in nature.
Priya meand "love" and Ank means "lap"

It also means just "love"
Priyanka is the bestest name!
by Pinka Vora May 1, 2006
A name originating from the country of India which is often associated with "outstandingly beautiful" or "cuter than a teddy bear"

A girl who makes your life increasingly better and better each day of encountering her; a girl who is simply amazing in all aspects and often holds the characteristics of humor, intelligence, and beauty; a girl who deserves to be treated extremely well
Did that beautiful girl make you happier than kindergarten days eating ice cream in the summer? You have found a Priyanka, my friend.

Ever since you entered my life, you have made it so incredibly fantastic it's crazy. Will you please give me the honor of taking you to Homecoming, Priyanka?
by Sanderella September 12, 2012