Most commonly known known as the Call of duty master camo in most recently Call of Duty Cold War

Also known for its cards in NBA 2k, as rarest card in the game.
Or its known for the thingy in space that no one cares about.
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matter than cannot reflect sunlight. theres about 90% of matter is dark matter. which means the universe could be more cluttered than we thought
Dark Matter is a lot like anti-matter which is now completley gone
by Thomas Henriksson August 22, 2005
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A substance excreted by nibblonians. It is the fuel source for rocket ships in the year 3000. Among the many astounding properties of dark matter is its incredible density, such that every pound of dark matter weighs over 1000 pounds.
Cop 1: Smells like a 289 in progress.
Cop 2: Failure to scoop, aww yeahh.
Fry (attempting to lift the dark matter poop): Wait, I'm trying! It weighs as much as a thousand suns!
by Kel Varnsen March 12, 2008
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1. Unprovable hypothesis that since galaxies and galactic clusters don't have enough mass to produce enough gravity to spin the way they do, that there thus must be invisible matter hiding that's making it all work.

2. The observation of the universe sometimes fails to follow the known laws of physics, so instead of theorizing that there must be more laws we've yet to discover, scientists have instead decided to push forward the idea that invisible masses must exist, and thus explain away the discrepancies and gaps in our knowledge.

3. Science akin to religion in that nothing at all proves it, but lots of people believe it because it explains something that was hitherto before difficult to understand.

4. Theory regarding matter and gravity that seems to make sense of Newtonian physics when it fails us, but in doing so introduces a concept that is completely ludicrous.

5. Alternative hypothesis to how the universe works to the much more logical MOND theory, or variations thereof.

6. An example of lazy science.

7. The greatest example of how extremely intelligent people can at times be completely clueless, lacking in all common sense.
I don't understand this crap, makes my head hurt, there must be Dark Matter, or something.

That astrophysicist over there, he can't understand how shit works so he's decided he's gonna pull some old bullshit theory out his ass and see if he can prove its true. He calls it Dark Matter cause its like all invisible 'n shit.

Aliens beamed me up yo, just sos they could like laugh at all a us for this Dark Matter bullshit.

I'm done with reason, from now on I believe in Big Foot, Vampires, honest politicians, and Dark Matter yo!
by Rsenal March 8, 2011
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1. a type of matter that cant be proven
2. a badass new Syfy TV show from the producers & writers of the Stargate TV shows.
1. dark matter cant be proven
2. Hey man lets watch some Dark Matter.
by Gaterbrowncoat117 October 4, 2015
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the most powerful spell of Chrono Trigger's Magus.
Dark Matter can cause a ton of destruction to your enemies...use it wisely!
by Magus January 27, 2005
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What Applejacks and the butterflies from My Little Pony:Friendship Adventures are made of.
The only reason that the butterflies can catch Fluttershy is because they are made of dark matter,
by luckythiteencadley October 24, 2011
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