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free spirited and limit pushing. She can be stubborn and is often very loud and talkative. She speaks her mind. When she gets mad watch out! She likes to be in control and the power gets to her head. She's a show off as well, and walks around thinking she knows everything. She has a smart ass attitude. She won't take shit from anyone, she makes her own rules. However when everyone is treating her right and isn't ignoring her she's a sweetheart, very affectionate. always happy to see you when you visit her, and she loves hugs. Her laugh is adorable, her smile is irresistible. She is very active. She is very creative and loves to use her huge and wild imagination. She has a tendency to get jealous, especially around babies and young children, or people who are hogging her parent's attention. She can be shy with people she doesn't know. She could eat a bowl of ice cream and pass out an hour later. She's quite unpredictable with her mood-swings, and can come up with crazy wild ideas. There is no way to shut her up or stay at mad at her. When she's not around everything feels empty, because even though she can be a nightmare, she makes life interesting, lights up a room, and has a tendency to leave a very strong impression behind wherever she goes.
person 1"Did you hear that Magalie chick got expelled for punching a teacher?"
person 2 "No she couldn't have, she's such a sweetheart"
person 1 (No, from what I hear, she's crazy."
by Ashley, sister of three September 03, 2016
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magalie is two words that come from in french language.
Maga it's more and Lie means read
so Magalie it's people who like to read.
that girl is a magalie, he read more than three romantic book in one hour.
by quyack July 22, 2008
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