The most amazing person with a beautiful smile. The most bestest girlfriend EVER. Very smart, and very very beautiful, but she always makes herself look bad and will says she's ugly but she is beautiful don't let her change your mind.
Madyson is awesome.
by Tempest9651 May 20, 2017
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A beautiful girl who is the best friend anyone could have. Although, a Madyson will have a hot temper, if you apologize, she will forgive you. She is also very unique and very unpredictable.
Did you see what that chick just did???? She's definitely a Madyson.
by LERRRRRR July 5, 2011
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She is super nice and really cute. I wish we could go out on a date some time and I would love to go over to her house to play pool.
I love Madyson and care about her so much
by Dru G. March 24, 2017
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Beautiful girl who would give the shirt off her back for anyone who needs it. She falls hard for people and let’s people often walk in and out of her life as they please . She is beautiful but she never seems to see it . She usually plays sports and is very athletic. Her life’s a mess but she always try’s to uplift people. She would rather see who she loves happy than see herself happy. She always wants the best for people . She tries very hard to improve with everything she does.
Madyson is very fun and outgoing.
by Gorgeous519 March 14, 2019
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the most perfect human being. she's so freaking gorgeous but tells everyone she's not. she's not one of those girls that thinks she's all that, she's one of those girls that tells everyone she's not good enough but she's literally perfect as can be.
Madyson is beautiful
by :000000 December 13, 2018
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Madyson is a sweet, beautiful girl with an amazing smile. Her smile makes your day everytime you see it. Shes the kind of girl you can't stop giving compliments to. She is just absolutely amazing.
Madyson has the cutest smile ever! Shes beyond beautiful.
by LMFAO42 December 8, 2010
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