80's pop star known for sexual experimentation and synonomous with controversey. Although she is aging, she still finds ways to move guys, such as making out with Britney Spears on television.
I just bought a Madonna CD
by Mr_ Twirly June 4, 2005
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This meens Mcdonalds in wetbackenese
Has "served" over one-million people
(Wetback) Welcome to Madonnas
(customer)which part?
by Jorge Lazala November 9, 2005
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An extremely talented marketer, who over more than twenty years has excelled in the aggressive selling of an otherwise not particularly desirable product -- herself. A triumph of style over substance. Her acting talent was recognized by her being awarded a special “Worst actress of the century” Razzie at the 2000 Golden Raspberry awards. (Has since seen the light and given up on acting). Also an author, her best known work being 1992’s “Sex”, which was sold sealed in plastic -- not because it was obscene, but because no one would have bought it if they were able to see how lame the contents really were. Also supposedly a musician.
Madonna has staying power in the public eye, although I've never been able to figure out why.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 22, 2006
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a. American pop icon (and faux Brit). Officially the highest-selling female artist of all time. Also the richest and highest-paid female singer in the world as of 2006.

Argued by Rolling Stone as the "Most Famous Woman In The World"

b. Entity unreservedly and consummately beyond the first degree.
Confessions On A Dancefloor is the bomb! No smutty songs here - this album takes the cake! Madonna is the Queen!
by Icy Ocean October 9, 2006
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It's like watching your nan dance in her undies...
Hey Sam, he's doing a madonna!
by Frau_Dragana April 18, 2008
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a.Over 40 year-old women still acting like teenagers and wearing bras that overly "push-up".

b.Americans faking inconvincing British accents.
"Damn, don't get all Madonna on me, mom!"
by Chi Bai April 25, 2006
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