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A very different kind of a girl, rare to find. She has the vision to change the world and never think twice to help those in need. She's very independent and does not need a man to protect her. She can be a heart breaker at times because she does not believe in love. The most respectable girl ever.. loved by everyone. If you know a Madiha, be sure to treat her well cause she knows her worth and will not put up with jack asses.
Guy: damn, she's just so adorable
Girl: yeah, that's Madiha
by soomey25 August 12, 2013
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The most prettiest girl you can meet
She is sweet and kind and can kick your butt. She has great comebacks that will leave you speechless
Madiha is amazing
by Madsye2 December 14, 2016
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madiha is a persian name, it means praiseworthy.
like madiha, mohammad also means praiseworthy.
by madiha November 25, 2004
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Madihas are usually cute girls that look younger than they actually are. Common characteristics include cute little curls, pigtails, pink ribbons, big eyes, a round face, and maybe a stuffed animal or two in her arms. Madiha has big adorable eyes and is so small and cute that you just want to cuddle with her. Madihas are also usually of asian descent and very very smart, if you know a Madiha she was probably valedictorian, early high school graduate, had a million AP credits from high school, went to a small specialized high school for geniuses, and probably went on to an ivy league college and finished law school or med school in half the time it takes normal people. Madiha LOVES hugs and is so cute and cuddly that everyone wants to give her a hug. She is shy and quiet and has trouble making friends because she wants everyone to like her and goes out of her way to please everyone, but the friends that she does have shes really close to and loves them with all her heart. She probably has one really really close friend who she knew for a really long time that she tells everything to but shes also probably really insecure with everyone else. Madihas are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and cuddly that every1 just wants to hug her.
"Hey did you see that cute little first grader? What's she doing here at harvard law school?"

"That's Madiha. She looks like shes twelve years old but she's actually eighteen and just graduated from princeton as valedictorian, she goes to harvard law now."
by asdfjkl91 February 13, 2010
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Madiha’s are very very smart. Madiha means praiseworthy which belongs to such a Madiha. Madiha’s are very kind. Madihas are very short and look younger than they asctually are. But they are very very pretty and look good in orange. Usually teachers pet in class. Some characteristics of her are: kind, smart, clever, respectful, adventurous, responsible, Humble, honest. Madiha loves to learn and go to school. She loves someone who she can’t live without. And that person likes her back just that Madiha doesn’t know and and thinks it’s impossible.
Madihas are amazing
by ###butterflies### January 27, 2018
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She is the worst person in your life back away she is a hoe and thinks she is popular whe she isnt and she gets jelly easily
Madiha is a hoe and is a wannabe.
by Oneofjanathsbestfried October 06, 2017
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