An expression, usually said jokingly, for when two people independently have the same good idea at nearly the same time.
"Let's go to Sbarro's for lunch."
"I was just going to suggest the same thing!"
"Ha! Great minds think alike!"
by niccast September 12, 2018
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An phrase that pseudo-intellectuals, brownnosers or sycophants use to elevate themselves intellectually to another by pretending they think or believe the same as they do when in fact so-called "great minds" set themselves apart from others because they really DON'T think like everyone else.
Intellectual: Since the 1950's, the whole of modern western civilization is based off of one driving concept - consumerism! It is the the reason for all the social ills of modern society. Despite the obvious advances in technology in medicine, agriculture, communications, engineering, and alternative energy we as a people are held back because the power rests in the few with the financial and political influence to keep money where is always has been. This rise in technology should be bettering the minds of the masses, but actually is made to anesthetize them and keep them complacent and lethargic.

Pseudo-intellectual: OMG!!! I just said the same thing to my friends at the country club yesterday! I say you can get the same quality with Gucci that they get with Prada for less money. But nobody seems to listen. And...ya sooo, like, frustrating? Great minds think alike, right?

Intellectual: *looks down his nose* You're not even in the same conversation.
by Tenacious Faulker March 9, 2013
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