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1. The JUNK!, Balls... anything sexually linking to a man's penis.
"Gosh Chris you have huuuge Mackles..."

"Dude, your mackles are way bigger than mine.."

"Can i play with your mackles?"
by MamaMAckles April 25, 2010
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To have make out nicely...make ror mackle
"did u guys mackle in the movies today?"
"i mackled a cake for u"
by Kimmy and Jill November 26, 2004
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A man who sleeps around with numerous women, often within a short period of time, with no regards to the feelings of others or the consequences that ensue from their whoreish actions. Also known as a man whore.
"That guy who tried to pick me up at the bar just slept with my best friend 2 nights ago - I told him off because he's a Mackle."
by Anthonimus November 02, 2011
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A really cool girl from Cumberland, Rhode Island who can also be called spiezcy and who used the term l0fl while talking with a really cool special kid! The acronym of mackle stands for Matthew, Alex, Caitlin, Kayla, Luca, Evin.
by Matt January 30, 2005
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