Verb ("To mackle"), English Midlands dialect. To mend hurriedly in a makeshift way, or to assemble an inferior product out of scrap materials.
Hugh mackled a boat together from old bits of wood. Somehow it looks less seaworthy than his homemade rowing machine. Despite that, he's still more useful than a Paper Driver.
by Reginald E. Might November 3, 2020
To have make out nicely...make ror mackle
"did u guys mackle in the movies today?"
"i mackled a cake for u"
by Kimmy and Jill November 27, 2004
A man who sleeps around with numerous women, often within a short period of time, with no regards to the feelings of others or the consequences that ensue from their whoreish actions. Also known as a man whore.
"That guy who tried to pick me up at the bar just slept with my best friend 2 nights ago - I told him off because he's a Mackle."
by Anthonimus November 3, 2011
1. The JUNK!, Balls... anything sexually linking to a man's penis.
"Gosh Chris you have huuuge Mackles..."

"Dude, your mackles are way bigger than mine.."

"Can i play with your mackles?"
by MamaMAckles April 25, 2010
Coined by a internet Open RP, on which a certain person misspelled "Cackled" As "Mackled"

You either mistyped "Cackled" or you are just so intimidating that words intentionally misspell themselves just to try and make you look stupid, but you don't care.
"Go away" He mackled.
by NonamewouldFit November 11, 2020
to do anything, as long as you are an artist named Macklemore
"Macklemore mackled down the stairs, after which he mackled some eggs to mackle his hunger"
by Angry Catfish October 11, 2021
someone who wants to toss every bodies salad daily, or the mating call for idiots. (Micke Mackle McChicken-fucker)
Is that fucking mickle mackle coming over again?
by Jdanger Vmckeon April 15, 2011