1. /THE/ Gods of metal music, although they let themselves down with the albums where they experimented with their sound, namely The More Things Change, The Burning Red and Supercharger (which admittidly contain good songs). Found retribution with the almighty "Through the Ashes of Empires".

2. The pegs on your guitar's headstock that you use to tune your guitar.

3. Band that features the legendary Robb Flynn. Who is in turn the god of all metal.
1. Holy fucking hell have you heard Imperium by Machine Head? They are truely teh gods of metal!

I can't wait for Machine Head's new album, it will fucking own the big one!

2. I like to keep my guitar's tuning pegs nice and shiny with a good polishing every so often. Ohhh yes.

3. Robb Flynn > You
by Metalhead For Life November 7, 2006
1. One of several flattened pegs found at the top end of a stringed instrument, which when manually turned with the hand, adjusts the pitch of the corresponding string :: TUNING PEG

2. (Warner Bros, 1972) Title of an album by heavy metal pioneering band Deep Purple, featuring the band's all-time biggest hit "Smoke On The Water"

3. (1992 - ) Heavy metal band from San Francisco, very influential on harsher, more aggressive-sounding metal bands that would arise later in the decade. See www.machinehead1.com for more information
One day, Robert Flynn of Machine Head was jamming along with Deep Purple's "Machine Head" album, but the low "E" string on his guitar was out of tune, so he had to turn the string's machine head.
by Bill M. July 27, 2004
Not only one of the greatest metal bands of all time, but also the name of Deep Purple's (one of the founding fathers of metal) greatest album. This name is synonymous with heavy music. And so it should be.
"Davidian kicked ass, Machine head are great."
"I just cant get over how cool Machine Head sounds 20 years on."
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
1. A great Metal band.
2. To receive head from a machine, though watch out sometimes it can backfire and you'll need surgery.
3. the tuning pegs of a guitar.
1. Yeah I love machine head they roxors!
2. I got head from a machine, it was good for a while, then *CRUNCH* My wang will never be the same again!
3. I just love to tune my guitar!
by Bill-likes-cakes August 5, 2005
One of the greatest bands on the f**king planet. Rob flynn is THE god of the planet along with Trent Reznor.
F**king ace band live!!!!
by julia July 3, 2004
When she gives you head and its so damn good it feels like your dick is in a wash machine.
Hunter: Yoo Alex I got some bomb ass head last night.
Alex: uh uh, shit bro how good was it?
Hunter: Bro she was on spin cycle i got some wash machine head
by Mothersloads December 5, 2018
When the head is so good, she must be on spin cycle.
Hunter: Yo I got head from that one chick last night.
Alex: Bro was it good?
Hunter: Yeah bro she gave me wash machine head.
by Mothersloads December 3, 2018