Soldier of the 1800's - 2000's Machin was used as a way of sayin amazing or good looking or powerful. Originally from Lincolnshire (Lincolnshite) Still used in Some Middle Aged Slang in North East England.
He is Machin !
She is well Machin innit.!
Don' ya Reckon Lincolnshire' Machin like duck?
by RudeboyBlad July 13, 2011
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Someone who tirelessly completes a task without stopping. They just get the job done. Usually used in sports. Similar to a beast or tank.
Man, that dude just ran in a straight line through the defence and scored without stopping. What a machine.
by Skilluminati May 31, 2016
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1) A man made gadget that preforms a task to the benefit of it's creator.

2) A soulless human being that's only as alive as much as a running clock or car

3) Machine, slang for dope needle. One who uses dope becomes a machine for it and they feel that they are just a machine when they don't have any more dope.
1) The dope machine is broken, brittany will probably start getting fat.

2) brittany spears is a machine.

3) brittany spears has a machine sticking out of her tail pipe.
by WordRepoMan June 21, 2013
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Bert Kreischer in the Russian mafia
No one talks to the machine like that fuck that bitch this is Russia
by Duff's Beer October 2, 2018
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Anything that alters your decisions other than your own mind
for example...
the government
internet (to a certain degree)
music (but thats still cool)
1. Rage against the machine has no genre because they are ragin against the machine
by Eazy728 August 13, 2008
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Nickname for current Laker backup guard Sasha Vujacic given by legendary Laker commentator Stu Lantz.
"The Machine launches a 3 from the corner's GOOD!!!"
by calTR0N July 11, 2008
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