A badass racecar that Speed Racer drove. known to whoop anyones ass except X's racecar.
OH SHI- there went the mach 5!
by The Insane Hobo May 12, 2008
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You feel it building up in your intestines for a day or more. You bend over in pain like you have a kidney stone near the end.
Then you sit on the pot, and BOOOOOMM!

SHIT, AIR, and more SHIT AND AIR exit your hole at extreme velocity.

You get the wind knocked out of you and sometimes take a little "nap."

It's takes you 7-10 minutes to recooperate.

You DO feel wonderful afterwards though.
Sorry I was in the bathroom so long, I Mach 5 'd and blacked out for a while.
by SexualHotsauce November 4, 2019
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The high you get from mixing marijuana and K2 (A legal herb that you can smoke to get a different high than marijuana).
Dude me and Mike went Mach 5 yesterday. It was intense!
by L0ckh34rt September 16, 2010
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Partying extemely hard.
"After work, Tito hit the bars. He was going Mach 5 all night."
by The Impresario September 15, 2006
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A Mach 5 Giga Karen is the highest known level of Karen. They're the Karens that will go far out of their way to destroy people that have nothing to do with them. These are not stupid Karens they have been doing this for years that's why they're always older and have a track record of nothing but bloodshed.

They're truly awful people that usually die alone, not even their kids speak to them. Get ready as more Mach 5 Giga Karens will rise in future. You've been warned.
Boss: Hey how has your first month been at the company?

Guy: It's been good.

Boss: Good, it's just that you've received a few complaints about your attitude and competency.

Guy: Really? From who?

Boss: I can't say but we've received a lot of complaints from this person and they're a trusted member of staff. If this keeps happening we're going to have to speak about your position in this company.

*Later on

Wife: How was work?

Guy: Not good I was reported by a Mach 5 Giga Karen, she's trying to get me fired already and I've only been there a month. I think it's because I looked at her the wrong way 2 weeks ago.
by Race relations May 17, 2023
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