A word used to define a person who is considered cool by actual cool people.
"I heard that guy is lame""
"Obviously whoever told you he's lame is either really lame himself or just a coolie (somebody who regards himself as cool, but isn't actually) so he would never get that he is a macaulay"
by Powerayj January 6, 2010
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Wips his dick out in the ALPS

However if you try singing this around a Macaulay they will not be able to hear you as they have mad bank and have permanently attached air pods and can not understand Poor.
"Macaulay wips his dick out in the alps!!!"
Repeat 100 times
by KWELLEBOB February 4, 2019
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A word used to define a bitch by other actual cool people.
Macaulay Wilkinson
by HaterOnmacky August 30, 2010
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The kid with the scarf.
Person 1:Why does Macaulay always wear a scarf?
Person 2:No one knows.
by Iamthe...? November 13, 2012
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To be home alone, doing whatever, whenever, with whoever
person 1 - "hey man, what are you doing tonight?"
person 2 - "parents are out, i'm macaulay culking it"
by offensieve November 18, 2012
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masturbating in the bathroom while your roommates are out and are unsure of when they'll return; IE, maturbating while home alone.
Pun on the word "caulking" (pronounced "call-king"), the rubbery silicone sealant around tubs and sinks.
roommate: What the hell were you doing in the bathroom when I got home? You were in there for a while.
deviant: Oh just Macaulay Caulking the bathtub tiles... you didn't leave a note so I didn't know when you'd be home.
roomate: gross
by Donkeyfly July 12, 2013
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