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-beautiful inside and out, of angelic nature
"wow, that is incrediably MacLean"
by AshleyS July 23, 2006
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a sweet little town on the coast of Australia. however it is also a hell-hole for anyone onder the age of thirty; with a school in the middle of a cemetry, surrounded by bats.
retard: i think i will live in maclean! its a nice place with plenty to do.
person who is not high: RUN AWAY!!!!
by LaughingAwayOnAFastCamel September 24, 2010
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Deriviative from the name Sarah, it is usually used to emote a vibe of humour, and occassional intoxication.
That's so maclean!

That's so funny maclean!

You were SO maclean last night!
by Al May 19, 2008
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You can tell from the second you lay your eyes on him that he's a genuinely good guy. caring, and sweet, mac's the kind of guy that would never hurt you. His brown eyes bring warmth to the room and a smile on my face. Though it sounds cheesy, sometimes just his smile is enough to brighten up a bad day. One thing that stands out about him is his sense of style. He dresses up good and know how to make himself look good. unlike the greasy boys that walk the halls of mps. but most of all, he makes me happy and cares for me.
I wish i had someone like maclean
God linh is so lucky to have maclean
by yikes123 October 28, 2018
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