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-beautiful inside and out, of angelic nature
"wow, that is incrediably MacLean"
by AshleyS July 23, 2006
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a sweet little town on the coast of Australia. however it is also a hell-hole for anyone onder the age of thirty; with a school in the middle of a cemetry, surrounded by bats.
retard: i think i will live in maclean! its a nice place with plenty to do.
person who is not high: RUN AWAY!!!!
by LaughingAwayOnAFastCamel September 24, 2010
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Deriviative from the name Sarah, it is usually used to emote a vibe of humour, and occassional intoxication.
That's so maclean!

That's so funny maclean!

You were SO maclean last night!
by Al May 19, 2008
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